New Barometer Consortium papers on Transparency & Accountability, on Living Income and on Latin American cocoa

Tuesday, 18 October 2022

Over the past weeks, the Cocoa Barometer Consortium – hosted by the VOICE Network – has published three consultation papers ahead of the release of the 2022 Cocoa Barometer (planned for an early/mid-December release). A baseline Barometer for cocoa in Latin America, a Living Income Compendium, and a consultation paper on Transparency & Accountability.

Latin America Baseline Cocoa Barometer
Latin America is the second largest cocoa growing region in the world, and Ecuador has overtaken all but Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire in cocoa production volumes. However, Latin America cocoa is often overlooked in the broader sustainability conversations. This is why, together with a range of Latin American civil society organisations, we released the first Latin America Baseline Cocoa Barometer. This document outlines the major structures and challenges of cocoa in Latin America as a whole, and also dives deeper into the specifics of the major producing, processing and consuming nations there. 
Available in English and Spanish

Living Income Compendium
This is an attempt to bring facts to the conversation around living income as well as debunking stubborn myths (and lazy excuses). The Compendium also offers a framework of how the sector should tackle farmer poverty; there is a real place for Good Agricultural Practices in achieving a living income, but this is only feasible if the enabling environment of Good Governance and Purchasing Practices are in place. In that light, we argue, the cocoa sector has been attempting to solve the issue of farmer poverty in exactly the wrong order; after two decades of focussing on agricultural practices, perhaps we need to address the enabling environment first.
Available in English and French

Transparency & Accountability
Transparency and accountability are essential to make sustainability efforts both credible and effective. They also provide a level playing field for all supply chain actors, enable improved market access, and help increase farmer income. However, there’s a lot of confusion about what we’re talking about – and often not so much action to be transparent, let alone accountable. Today, together with several key expert organisations in this field (EFI, UCLouvain/Trase, IIASA, the Hamburger Stiftung für Wirtschaftsethik, and Fairfood) the Cocoa Barometer Consortium is pleased to release deep dive Consultation Paper on this key topic. 
Available here