2024 Cocoa Barometer

The Cocoa Barometer is a biennial publication, with the aim of creating an up-to-date, fair, and clear overview of the state of sustainability of the cocoa sector. The Barometer looks at the sector as a whole, but also couples aggregated and disaggregated company and country data with clear visualizations and fair contextualization of challenges, commitments, and accomplishments. It is published by a consortium of civil society actors from across the globe, and hosted by the VOICE network.

In the lead up to the 2024 Cocoa Barometer, the Consortium will once again be releasing several consultation papers.

Good Purchasing Practices in Cocoa

The first of the 2024 Consultation Papers is a deep dive into Good Purchasing Practices. This document is looking at what are the principles and steps that cocoa and chocolate companies should take to ensure the way they do their core business is sustainable.

2022 Cocoa Barometer

2022 Cocoa Barometer (English)
2022 Cocoa Barometer Executive Summary (English)
2022 Baromètre de Cacao (Français)
2022 Baromètre de Cacao Résumé
2022 Barómetro del Cacao (Español)
2022 Barómetro del Cacao Resumen Ejecutivo
エグゼクティブサマリー 2022 Cocoa Barometer Executive Summary (Japanese)

2022 Cocoa Barometer Consultation Papers
  • Latin America Baseline Cocoa Barometer (September 2022) English/Spanish.
  • Living Income Compendium (September 2022) English/French
  • Transparency & Accountability (October 2022) English

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The Cocoa Barometer Consortium consists of ABVV/Horval, Action against Child Exploitation (ACE), Alisos, Be Slavery Free, EcoCare, European Federation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism Trade Unions (EFFAT), Fern, Freedom United, Global Labor Justice/International Labor Rights Forum, Green America, IDEF, Inades Formation, INKOTA-netzwerk, Mighty Earth, Nature and Development Foundation, Oxfam America, Oxfam Belgium, Oxfam Ghana, Oxfam Novib, Public Eye, Roscidet, Rikolto, SEND Ghana, Solidaridad Europe, Solidaridad West Africa, SÜDWIND Institut, Tropenbos International, Tropenbos Ghana, WWF Belgium, WWF France.

The Cocoa Barometer is coordinated by the VOICE Network.

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